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The term 'Adopting a Textbook' refers to the process in which a college or university instructor designates a specific resource as a required or recommended resource for a class. Students are strongly encouraged to acquire the resource. Because of high costs of commercial textbooks, many students avoid acquiring textbooks; they are inconvenienced and often their learning and grades suffer. One of the many advantages of open textbooks is their affordability.

For the instructor, adoption of any textbook (open or commercial) requires:

  1. Locating a book that fits your content, teaching style, and students
  2. Planning how to use that textbook in the class
  3. Modifying class materials to match this plan

This process will require a minimum of 30 hours of effort and many weeks of calendar time. At some institutions, the department or division must approve the selection. Often, months of advance notice are needed to modify college catalogs and notify the college bookstore.

Happily, this process is both easier and provides better learning if the instructor adopts an open-licensed textbook. Many open-licensed textbooks can be separated into smaller segments and inserted into the lessons in a learning management system. Text, illustrations, and photographs from the textbook can be added to presentations without obtaining specific permission from the copyright-holders. That permission has already been granted. The textbook can be tailored to the class, the students, and the instructor's teaching style. Not only will the students pay less for an open textbook, they will be more willing to use the book.

Honolulu Community College Textbook Evaluation Help -- applies to both open and commercial textbooks

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