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March 2012
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Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

Business Communications Adopter Community Update

Our eight adopter communities have been making great progress with their open textbook or OER projects.  Focused on using these to improve teaching and learning for their students, adopter communities are required to have at least two college or university instructors who have adopted or who have plans to adopt an open textbook(s) or open educational resources as the primary text for a course they teach or plan to teach in the 2011-2012 time frame.

Professor Danielle Budzick

    We just got an update from Professor Danielle Budzick and her colleagues at Cuyahoga Community College, OH  on their business communications adopter community.

Here is her report on the progress they have been making at Tri-C with their grant:

The Tri-C grant team is diligently working on modification to the Flat World textbook.  As a team, we are coordinating the re-ordering of the chapters to align with our official course outline.

I’ve been adding embedding video content to all the chapters and started to work on the modification of the PowerPoint resources.


Here is what the rest of the team is working on!

Fran Brady is taking the lead on editing the Intercultural communication as her day job is with Sherwin Williams and she works with international clients.   She’ll be adding more examples and building out chapter.

Pam Grant is adding examples of emails, memos, and letters to provide a stronger context for students, as this is the first chapter in the revised book.

Linda Glassburn is ramping up with example of business proposals and reports by creating her own to include within the textbook.   Linda also imported several grammar and punctuation chapters from two different Flat World books at the end of the text to provide an “appendix” area for a refresher to students.

Getting Ready for Summer Pilot

All of the grant faculty are going to be teaching Summer Sections of Business Communication using the modified textbook.   Our next steps are finalizing the textbook, so we can share with an other instructors who are teaching college-wide.

I’ll continue to update as we finish the editing and get ready for summer.  I can be reached via email at Danielle.Budzick@tri-c.edu.


Danielle Budzick