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June 2016
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Hats Off to California! (Part 2) – A Taste of MERLOT with College Open Textbooks

MERLOT LogoSince 1997, MERLOT (www.merlot.org) has been led by the California State University, a consortium of higher education institutions, digital libraries, academic professional societies, and industry, all working together to deliver sustained Open Educational  Services & Resources for the worldwide education community.

Find Open Textbooks Easily: Getting More with Less Effort
Search and browse for over 2,000 open textbooks cataloged by topics within its collection of over 30,000 free and open educational resources. MERLOT’s Peer Reviews and community evaluations help inform your adoption decision.
RSS graphic Easily create RSS feeds to get updates on the Open Textbooks or other types of OER that meet your instructional needs. MERLOT delivers over 300,000 RSS feeds every month. You can turn any of your MERLOT searches into an RSS feed.
• Use MERLOT’s “One-Stop-Search-Shop” to simultaneously search across 22 other open educational collections of your choice. You will have access to over 1 million online resources (through MERLOT, Connexions, OER Commons, NSF’s National Science Digital Library, OpenCourseWare Consortium, international open collections and more) and be provided with a single hit list that blends the results of all the collections.

Find Open Textbook Authors and Users: Connect to People Who Can Give Advice
• The continuously growing community of over 96,000 MERLOT members (it’s free and easy to join) includes authors and users of Open Textbooks. Using MERLOT’s advanced search for materials and members, you can easily find colleagues with experience using open textbooks.
MERLOT’s Personal Collections Services enable every member to easily organize and share their own MERLOT collection so you can review and reuse other’s quality collections.

Sharing What You Discover and Use
• MERLOT makes it easy for you to share what you’ve found in MERLOT via Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, StumbleUpon, email, and over 340 other sharing and social media services.

Contribute to the MERLOT Community and Collection
• MERLOT members can easily contribute their comments, analyses, and evaluations so other users of MERLOT can benefit from the community’s experiences.
Become a Peer Reviewer and join one of MERLOT’s 23 Editorial Boards.
• Share how you have used MERLOT to teach. Add a Learning Exercise using a simple online form linked the material. You can also author your own webpage where you can explain and publish your pedagogical strategy by using the very easy to use MERLOT Content Builder toolkit.
• Need Help? Get the “How-To” guidance from MERLOT’s YouTube channel where we have many instructional videos. MERLOT’s Media Center also has a wealth of information.
Join the MERLOT Community as a Partner
• Be a part of the MERLOT Leadership Council and guide MERLOT’s future. As a Partner, you institution will receive customized services and MERLOT technologies designed for your institutional needs.
• See how the California State University’s “Affordable Learning Solutions” has leveraged MERLOT’s services to deliver a comprehensive, powerful, scalable and sustainable initiative to significantly reduce the costs of course materials for their students.   Check out the CSU’s Open Textbook Finder – type in the ISBN of a textbook and it will give you a list of the Open Textbooks available in the related subject area.


CSU Affordable Learning Solutions Initiative