A Celebration of Women Writers ed. by Ockerbloom (PD)
Clear & Simple by National Institutes of Health (PD)
The Roadrunner’s Guide to English  by Crisp, Postell, and Whitesell (Custom License)
University of North Carolina College Writing by The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill (CC BY-NC-ND)
Writing Commons by Writing commons (CC BY-NC-ND)
Writing Poetry by OpenLearn (CC BY-NC-SA)
Writing Unleashed by Priebe, Anderson, and Marman (GFDL)

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License Attributes
CC: Creative Commons license.
BY: Attribution to original author required.
NC: Content is restricted to non-commercial use.
ND: Users may not derive or modify the content.
SA: Content may be shared and re-used only under the original license terms.
Custom License: The author(s) have created their own open license. Follow the link in the listing for details.
EMUCL: Educational Material Universal Common License.
GFDL: GNU Free Documentation License.
GGPL: GNU General Public License.
OPL: Open Public License
PD: Public Domain – Content is free of any know copyright restrictions.