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Photo Credit: Watercolor by Edna Wagner Piersol. Used with permission.
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Photo Credit: nDevilTV, Creative Common License. Some rights reserved.
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Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons: GNU Free Documentation License.
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Photo Credit: Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo / Wiel van der Randen. Pubic Domain. No copyright restrictions.
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Photo CreditStavros Markopoulos' Photostream (Flick).  Creative Commons license.  Some rights reserved.
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  Page: English & Composition Reviews


Photo Credit: Narik's Photostream (Flickr) Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.
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Photo Credit: Dkuropatwa's Flickr Photostream, Creative Commons license.
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Photo Credit: "1885 History of US Flags" (Public Domain), illustration from High School textbook printed in 1885, titled "History of the US".   Found on Wikimedia Commons
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Photo Creditlumaxart's photostream, Creative Commons license.
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Photo Credit: State of Rhode Island.  Image in public domain.
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Photo Credit: Wolf Gang's photostream (Flickr), Creative Commons license.  Some rights reserved. 
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Photo Credit: Various. Wikicommons GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons License.  Some rights reserved.
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Photo CreditViorika Prikhodko Photography.  Paid subscription via istockphoto.com by The Orange Grove.
  Page: Psychology and Sociology Reviews


Photo Credit: Purpleslog's Photostream (Flickr).  Creative Commons License.  Some rights reserved.
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Photo Credit: Smithsonian Institution. Fotopedia/Flickr. No known copyright restrictions.

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Photo CreditBen Farleigh.  CC-BY-SA

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Photo Credit: NASA/CXC/MIT/E.-H Peng et al; Optical: NASA/STScI, No copyright restrictions.

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