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Textbook: "Macroeconomics: Economics and the Economy" V 2.0 (2008)

Author(s): Timothy Taylor
URL: www.textbookmedia.com
Reviewer: Brian Evans, Economics Instructor, Foothill College http://www.foothill.edu/index.php

"Macroeconomics: Economics and the Economy" V 2.0 (2008)

*Average of all chapters.  Maximum rating is 5.0

  Reviewer's Comments
  I recommend this book for first-year college students as a primary textbook. Written in a casual style, Taylor provides good context for some topics often weak in Macro Textbooks - such as labor and financial markets. There is a heavy emphasis on international issues. It is free to view online if you suffer through frequent ads but a physical book is quite cheap ($24.95). The review and study guide questions are unimaginative.