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College Open Textbooks delights in featuring ChemWiki and its related project PhysWiki. Professor Delmar Larsen of the University of California at Davis heads the ChemWiki project, a series of online textbooks including Analytical, Biological, Inorganic, Organic, Physical, and Theoretical Chemistry plus the History of Chemistry and Lab Techniques. All are licensed Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike. Students and instructors contribute to the textbooks that are constantly improved.

ChemWiki includes more than 6,000 pages with high-quality illustrations. Individual pages in ChemWiki can be printed or turned into Adobe PDF files. Contributors include more than 30 chemistry professors and students as well as web technologists and publicist Richard Osibanjo.


org-chem-bio-emph-cover The Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis textbook in the ChemWiki series, created by Associate Professor Timothy Soderberg, University of Minnesota at Morris, is available for online reading at this link and for download from Lulu as follows:
 Volume I
 Volume II
 Solutions Manual


Here are the ChemWiki pages showing how other colleges and universities are incorporating the UC Davis ChemWiki into their courses:

Columbia University – Faculty member Nicholas Turro
Diablo Valley College – Faculty member Ron Rusay
Hope College – Faculty member Brent Krueger
J. Sargent Reynolds Community College – Faculty member Dayanjan Wijesinghe
New Mexico State University Alamogodro – Faculty member Wayne McGowan
Truman State University – Faculty member Maria Nagan


College Open Textbook grantee communities include two based on the UC Davis series:

3-D Molecular Models in ChemWiki: Dr. Ron Rusay and colleagues at Diablo Valley Community College
PhysWiki Dynamic Textbook project: Professor Erik Christensen at South Florida Community College and a colleague at Monroe Community College, NY. Erik was named a College Open Textbooks Outstanding Open Textbooks Advocate/Trainer in 2010.

A special feature of the UC Davis wiki texts is the Student Ability Rating and Inquiry System (SARIS), a tool for tracking student progress.