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Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics


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First published in 1996 by Dr. Timothy Tregarthen of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, these texts have been updated with new and revised content by Dr. Tregarthen and his co-author, Dr. Libby Rittenberg, of Colorado College.  From 2009 to the present, they have been adopted for over 1200 courses in nearly 400 colleges and universities worldwide.  Together they comprise a comprehensive course in economics, suitable for first and second year students. Each book employs a unique three-pronged approach to each concept: a “Heads Up” section that introduces the concept and gives the student critical information about how to integrate the concept into U.S. and world history; a “You Try It” section that ensures mastery; and a “Case and Point” section that uses a real-world case to ground the concept in reality.

Both texts have received highly favorable reviews from College Open Textbooks reviewers.  A sampling of their comments:

“This is the best principles of macroeconomics textbook I have reviewed, and I have reviewed many.”
“The Try It examples, with accompanying solutions, are well done and easily accessible for students -- a real plus for student engagement while reading.”
“I will highly recommend this textbook to colleagues, particularly considering the cost savings to students.”


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