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Featured: US History


US History, newly published by Open Doors Group – College Open Textbooks (ODG-COT) on AcademicPub, is an important addition to ODG-COT’s library of affordable, professional grade textbooks. These texts are designed to meet the needs of the most common courses taken by large numbers of students at the two-year college level. US History is the first open-licensed textbook to follow the College Board U.S. History Advanced Placement exam. It should, therefore, be immediately applicable to a large number of courses, especially in the United States, on both the high school and college levels. US History has the potential to significantly lower the cost of education for many thousands of students.

Originally created as a Wikibook (www.wikibooks.org), US History has benefitted from the collective knowledge and critical review of a large community of contributors. ODG-COT has improved the original text to provide a more cohesive look and feel. Publishing on AcademicPub, the technology platform of SharedBook Inc., provides unparalleled flexibility for educators to incorporate its content, in whole or in part, into their courses. This textbook is available in three formats, eBook and color and black&white softcover, all at very affordable prices. In addition, educators can create custom books using US History content at equally attractive prices.


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Prices: eBook $16.95,  B&W Bound $35.23,  Color Bound $66.35

(The eBook version will expire on November 12, 2017.)