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Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy
Executive Director, College Open Textbooks and Open Doors Group
Email: mitchell.levy

Mitchell Levy is Executive Director of College Open Textbooks (COT), a role he stepped into in February, 2013, after being co-Director with Jacky Hood from 2011. Before that, he ran the marketing arm for two years. Initiatives during that time focused on branding and implementing a new visual brand, deploying a new Joomla-based Web site, creating consistent messaging delivered across all channels, building and maintaining strategic partnerships, and enabling the extended team to be more productive and successful. During that timeframe we also published and distributed over 1,000 physical copies and a large number of eBook copies of a CC BY book called #OPEN TEXTBOOK tweet comprising 140 bite-sized contributions from educators and experts with best practices for open textbooks and related topics

He is also the author of twelve business books and the CEO of the independent publishing house Happy About. After earning his MBA from the College of William and Mary, he spent 13 years working for corporations in IT, Finance and Operations. He then spent 11 years as an entrepreneur creating 13 companies and strategic partnerships including Happy About in 2005. During this timeframe, he created over 70 courses at various universities, online learning courses, and booked over 500 speakers at large-scale conferences.

Mr. Levy is also partner of the physical networking firm CXOnetworking and sits on the board of directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR). Previously, he created four executive education programs at two different Silicon Valley Universities, was the conference chair for four Comdex conferences focusing on business executives at medium-to-large sized enterprises, has contributed to and written over 100 articles and given over 250 speeches on e-commerce and business.



Charles Key
Director, Adoptions, College Open Textbooks, and Grants
Email: charles.key


Charles joined Open Doors Group and College Open Textbooks in 2012 after over twenty years in high tech as a software developer and engineering manager.  He has extensive experience developing large, complex systems in the aeronautics, medical device, and semiconductor equipment industries.  As a career software professional, Charles has been an enthusiastic supporter of open source software and is equally passionate about advocating for the adoption of Open Educational Resources.  At College Open Textbooks, Charles served as Textbook Reviews Manager and Senior Manager for Adoptions before assuming his current responsibilities.  Find out more about Charles at http://www.linkedin.com/in/charleskey.



Jacky Hood
Director, Alliances and Leadership Services
Email: jacky.hood


In her role as Director of Alliances and Leadership Services, Jacky is responsible for alliances, leadership services, sponsorships, and more, She is CEO of FieldDay Solutions and has been a management consultant to dozens of companies and a manager at Hewlett-Packard, ROLM/IBM, TRW Vidar, Bell-Northern Research, and Leigh Instruments. Jacky holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska, a Masters in Systems Engineering from Carleton University, and two patents for associative processors. She has published six books.



Jim Huether
Director, Open Doors Group Consulting
Email: jim.huether


Jim Huether is Director of Consulting Services for the Open Doors Group. He has over 25 years of corporate and non-profit experience including roles as Director, Sr. Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, Instructor/Trainer, Software Developer and Inventor. In his roles as Instructor/Trainer he has taught courses in Project Management, Open Textbook Adoption, and Math. As a Program/Project Manager he has driven a wide range of projects including consulting on affordable textbooks and tools for the Open Doors Group, on-line course development for College Open Textbooks, website development, and large multi-media platform development for Philips. As Director of New Product Engineering at Sega of America, Jim drove the creation and release of numerous innovative videogame peripherals and videogame titles, and drove the initial design of the Sega Dreamcast. He has been involved with College Open Textbooks in various capacities since 2009 and the Open Doors Group since 2011.  Jim holds a Masters degree from Rice University. Find out more about Jim at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jimhuether.



Marie Highby
Director, Strategy and Content Development
Email: marie.highby


Marie Highby is Director of Strategy and Content Development after having served previously as ODG’s Co-Director of Consulting Services, its Marketing Communications Manager, and as a textbook reviewer. A higher education expert with 15+ years university teaching experience, Marie has also served as President for several nonprofit organizations and Co-Founder of 2MULES, an entrepreneurial coaching and consulting organization. Marie’s credentials include an MBA from the University of Virginia and an MA in English from Duke University as well as an Advanced Certificate in Coaching from Sofia University.



Micki Jo Ashley
Director, MOOCs and Other Courseware
Email: micki.jo.ashley


Micki Jo Ashley has been a Project Manager and a Director of Operations for a wide range of companies and business markets in Silicon Valley.


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Judy Baker, Bill Buxton, Una Daly, Randy Fisher, Sharyn Fitzpatrick, Kathi Fletcher, Marie Highby, Jim Hood, Kathy Hooper, Barbara Illowsky, Micheline Isaac, Kalin Khemka, Alice Krueger, Dolores Priegnitz, Monica Sain, Marguerita Sasser, Liz Tadman, Lynda Vaughan, and Liz Yata.