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Computer Science


Accessibility of eLearning by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Advanced Topics in Learning Object Design and Reuse by Wiley (CC-BY)
Applescript for Absolute Starters by Altenburg (PD)
Basic Computing Using Windows by Wikibooks (CC-BY-SA)
Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion by Abelson, Ledeen, and Lewis (CC-BY-NC-SA) [Review]
Business Information Systems: Design an App for That  by Frost, Pike, Kenyo, and Lebovitz (custom license)
Cascading Style Sheets by Wikibooks (CC-BY-SA)
The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Raymond (OPL)
CGI Programming on the World Wide Web 1st ed. by Gundavaram (CC-BY-NC-SA)
A College Student's Guide to Computers in Education by Moursund (CC-BY-NC)
Database Development Lifecycle by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
A Designer’s Log: Case Studies in Instructional Design by Power (CC-BY-NC-ND)
Designing the User Interface by OpenLearn (CC- BY-NC-SA)
  Dive into HTML5 by Pilgrim (CC-BY)
Dive into Python by Pilgrim (GFDL)
bullet-3 Economic Aspects and Business Models of Free Software by Jiminez, et al. (GFDL)
Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective by Watson, Berthon, Pitt, and Zinkhan (CC-BY)
Eloquent JavaScript: A modern Intro to Programming by Haverbeke (CC-BY-NC)
A Faculty Member's Guide to Computers in Higher Education by Moursund (CC-BY-NC)
Finding Information in Information Technology and Computing by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA) 
Firefox Manual by FLOSS Manuals (CC-BY-SA)
Flash Tutorials by Wikibooks (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Free as in Freedom by Williams (GFDL
The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It by Zittrain (CC-BY-NC-SA)
GIS Commons: An Introductory Textbook on Geographic Information Systems by Schmandt (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 GNU/Linux Advanced Administration by Esteve and Boldrito (GFDL)
bullet-3 GNU/Linus Basic by Ruiz, et al. (GFDL)
Grokking the Gimp by Bunks (OPL)
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python by Wentworth, Elkner, Downey, and Myers (GFDL)
HyperText Markup Language by Wikibooks (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 Implementation of Free Software Systems by Jiminez, et al. (GFDL)
Information on the Web by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Information Systems ed. by Watson (CC-BY)
  Information Systems: A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology v. 5.0 by Gallaugher (custom license)
Introducing ICT Systems by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 Introduction to Autonomous Robots by Correll (CC-BY-NC-ND) Ancillaries
Introduction to C Programming by Mobbs and Carter (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Introduction to Computer Science by Wikiversity (CC-BY-SA) [Review]
Introduction to Computing Explorations in Language, Logic, and Machines  by Evans (CC-BY-NC-SA)
An introduction to Data and Information by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Introduction to Digital Logic with Laboratory Exercises by Feher (CC-BY)
Introduction to Free Software by Hernandez, et al. (CC-BY-SA)
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007 by University of Cape Town (CC-BY)
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 by University of Cape Town (CC-BY-SA)
Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP by University of Cape Town (CC-BY)
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 by University of Cape Town (CC-BY)
bullet-3 Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language Programming by Kann (CC-BY)
Introduction to Programming Using Java by Eck (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Introduction to Software Development by Jiminez, Mas, Lopez, and Xirgo (GFDL)
Introduction to Web Applications Development by Mas and Mateau (GFDL)
LaTeX by Wikibooks (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 Legal Aspects of the Information Society by Bain, et al. (GFDL)
Nework Security by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python 2.0 by Wikibooks (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 Open Networks by Briain (GFDL) 
Open Source Development with CVS, 3rd Edition by Bar and Fogel (GNU-GPL)
Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction - Part II by Saltzer and Kaashoek (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Principles of Object-Oriented Programming by Nguyen and Wong (CC-BY)
Producing Open Source Software by Fogel (CC-BY-SA)
Programming Fundamentals – A Modular Structured Approach by Busbee (CC-BY)
Programming in C by Mundargi, et al. (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation by Krishnamurthi (CC-NC-BY-SA)
Project Management from Simple to Complex  by Darnall and Preston (custom license)
Python for Informatics: Exploring Information by Severance (CC-BY-SA)
Representing and Manipulating Data in Computers by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 Signal Computing: Digital Signals in the Software Domain by Stiber, Stiber, and Larson (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 Software Architecture by Bijlsma, et al. (GFDL)
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Abelson, Sussman, and Sussman (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 Think Bayes: Bayesian Statistics Made Simple by Downey (CC-BY-NC)
bullet-3 Think Complexity by Downey (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 Think DSP: Digital Signal Processing in Python by Downey (CC-BY-NC)
bullet-3 Think Java: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist by Downey and Mayfield (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist  by Downey (CC-BY-NC)
bullet-3 Think Stats: Exploratory Data Analysis in Python by Downey (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 Tools and Utilities in Free Software by Jiminez, et al. (GFDL)
Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing by St. Laurent (CC-BY-ND)
Wealth of Networks by Yochai Benkler by Benkler (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Web Authoring Boot Camp by Bothell (CC-BY-NC-SA)
What is a Wiki? by WikiEducator (CC-BY-SA)
Wireless Networking in the Developing World by Butler, et al. (CC-BY-SA)
XML – Managing Data Exchange by Wikibooks (CC-BY-SA)


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