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Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications by Judson (GFDL) [Review]
Advanced Algebra II: Conceptual Explanations by Felder (CC-BY) [Accessibility] 
Advanced Algebra II: Activities and Homework by Felder (CC-BY) 
Algebra by Boundless (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 Algebra and Trigonometry by Abramson, et al. (CC-BY) BoundCopy
Algebra is Vital by Buck (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Algebra Review by GeoGebra (CC-BY-NC)
Analysis by Khalagai (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 APEX Calculus by Hartman, Heinold, Siemers, Chalishajar, and Bower (ed.) (CC-BY-NC) 
Applied Discrete Structures by Doerr and Levasseur (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Applied Finite Mathematics by Sekhon (CC-BY) [Review]
Basic Algebra by Wikibooks (CC-BY-SA)
Basic Analysis: Introduction to Real Analysis by Lebl (CC-BY-NC-SA) 
bullet-3 Basic Arithmetic Student Handbook by Dept. of Mathematics, Scottsdale Community College (CC-BY-SA)
Basic Math Textbook for the Community College by Brown (CC-BY)
Basic Mathematics by Khalagai (CC-BY-SA)
Basics of Algebra and Analysis for Computer Science by Gallier (custom license)
bullet-3 Book of Proofs by Book of Proofs (CC-BY-SA)
Brief Calculus by Crowell (CC-BY-SA)
Calculus by Strang (CC-BY-NC-SA) [Accessibility]
Calculus by Masenge (CC-BY-SA)
Calculus by Guichard (CC-BY-NC-SA) 
bullet-3 Calculus by Strang and Herman (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 Calculus: Early Transcendentals by Lyryx Learning (CC-BY-NC-SA) Ancillaries
bullet-3 CK-12 Algebra I by Rawley, Gloag, and Gloag (CC-BY-SA)
CK-12 Single Variable Calculus by Almukkahal, Cifarelli, Fan, and Jarvis (CC-BY-NC-SA)
CK-12 Geometry by Cifarelli, Gloag, Greenberg, Sconyers, and Zahner (CC-BY-NC-SA)
CK-12 Trigonometry by Landers and Meery (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 College Algebra by Abramson, et al. (CC-BY) BoundCopy
College Algebra  by Stitz and Zeager (CC-BY-NC-SA) [Accessibility]
bullet-3 College Trigonometry by Stitz and Zeager (CC-BY-NC-SA) 
bullet-3 A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra by Shoup (CC-BY-ND-NC) 
Diagrams, Charts and Graphs by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Difference Equations to Differential Equations by Sloughter (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Differential Equations by Ekol (CC-BY-SA)
Dimensions by Alvarez, Ghys, and Leys (video) (CC-BY-NC-ND) [Review]
bullet-3 Discrete Mathematics, An Open Introduction by Levin (CC-BY-SA)
Elementary Algebra by Burzynski and Ellis (CC-BY)  [Review] [Accessibility]
Elementary Algebra by Redden (custom license
Elementary Calculus An Approach Using Infinitesimals by Keisler (CC-BY-NC-SA) [Assayer review
bullet-3 Elementary Differential Equations by Trench (CC-BY-NC-SA) AIoM Approved
  • Instructor's Solutions Manual This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Student Solutions Manual
bullet-3 Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems by Trench (CC-BY-NC-SA) AIoM Approved
  • Instructor's Solutions Manual This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Student Solutions Manual
Elementary Linear Algebra by Kuttler (CC-BY)
The Essential Elementary & Intermediate Algebra by Blakely (CC-BY-NC-SA)
A First Course in Linear Algebra by Beezer (GFDL) [Assayer Review] [Review] [Accessibility]
bullet-3 A First Course in Linear Algebra by Kaabar (CC-BY-NC-ND)
bullet-3 A First Course in Linear Algebra by Lyryx Learning (CC-BY) Ancillaries
bullet-3 A Friendly Introduction to Differential Equations by Kaabar (CC-BY-NC-ND)
bullet-3 Fundamentals of Calculus by Crowell, Robbin, and Angenent (CC-BY-SA)
Fundamentals of Mathematics by Burzynski and Ellis (CC-BY) [Review]
bullet-3 Fundamentals of Matrix Algebra by Hartman (CC-BY-NC)
Gentle Introduction to the Arts of Mathematics by Fields (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Geometry by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Geometry by Cherinda (CC-BY-SA)
Intermediate Algebra by Dept. of Mathematics, College of the Redwoods (CC-BY-NC-SA) [Review]
bullet-3g Intermediate Algebra Student Workbook by Dept. of Mathematics, Scottsdale Community College (CC-BY-SA)  [Featured]
Intermediate Algebra by Redden (custom license) 
An Introduction to Complex Numbers by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 An Introduction to MATLAB and Mathcad by Siemers (CC-BY-NC)
Introduction to Matrix Algebra by Kaw (CC-BY-NC-ND) 
Introduction To Real Analysis by Trench (Custom)
bullet-3 Introductory Algebra Student Handbook by Dept. of Mathematics, Scottsdale Community College (CC-BY-SA)
bullet-3 Introduction to Real Analysis by Trench (CC-BY-NC-SA) AIoM Approved
  • Instructor's Solutions Manual This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Supplement 1: Functions Defined by Improper Integrals
  • Supplement 2: The Method of Lagrange Multipliers
Linear Algebra by Hefferon (CC-BY-SA) [Assayer review] [MAA Review]
bullet-3 Linear Algebra by Cherney, Denton, and Waldron (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Linear Algebra by Chihaka (CC-BY-SA)
Linear Algebra, Theory and Applications by Kuttler (CC-BY)
Linear Programming by Mtetwa (CC-BY-SA)
Math in a Sustainable Society by Kaslik (CC-BY-NC)
Math in Society by Lippman(CC-BY-SA) [Review] [Accessibility]
Mathematics by The Free High School Science Texts (GFDL) [Accessibility]
Mechanics by Chihaka (CC-BY)
A Modern Formal Logic Primer by Teller (Custom)
Notes on Diffy Qs: Differential Equations for Engineers by Lebl (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Number Theory by Cheqe (CC-BY)
Numbers, Units, and Arithmetic by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Numerical Methods by Masenge (CC-BY-SA)
Numerical Methods with Applications by Kaw, Kalu, and Nguyen (CC-BY-NC-SA) [Accessibility]
bullet-3 Prealgebra by Maracek and Anthony-Smith (CC-BY)
PreAlgebra by Reuger (Custom) [Accessibility] 
Prealgebra Textbook by College of Redwoods Mathematics (CC-BY-NC-SA) 
bullet-3 Precalculus by Abramson, et al. (CC-BY) BoundCopy
bullet-3 Precalculus by Stitz and Zeager (CC-BY-NC-SA) 
Precalculus: An Investigation of Functions  by Lippman and Rasmussen (CC-BY-SA)
Probability and Statistics by Chege (CC-BY-SA)
A Problem Text in Advanced Calculus by Erdman (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Proofs and Concepts: the fundamentals of abstract mathematics by Morris (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Ratios, Proportion and Percentages by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Real Functions and Graphs by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Reasonable Algebraic Functions  by Schremmer (GFDL
Reasonable Basic Algebra by Schremmer (GFDL) 
Reasonable Decimal Arithmetic by Schremmer (GFDL)
Rounding and Estimation by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Squares, Roots and Powers by OpenLearn (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 Tea Time Numerical Analysis by Brin (CC-BY-SA)
Trigonometry by Corral (GFDL
Trigonometry by Wikibooks (CC-BY-SA) [Accessibility]
Understanding Algebra by Brennan (CC-BY-NC) [Review] [Accessibility] 
Vector Calculus by Corral (GFDL) [Review]  [Accessibility]
Worldwide Differential Calculus by Massey (ACARR) 
bullet-3 wxMaxima for Calculus I by Hannan (CC-BY-NC-SA)
bullet-3 wxMaxima for Calbulus II by Hannan (CC-BY-NC-SA)


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