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Textbook: "Principles of Macroeconomics v1.0"

Authors: Libby Rittenberg and Timothy Tregarthen
Textbook URL: http://catalog.flatworldknowledge.com/catalog/editions/rittenmacro-principles-of-macroeconomics-1-0
Reviewer: Erik Huntsinger, Economics Faculty, Estrella Mountain Community College

*Average of all chapters.  Maximum rating is 5.0
Reviewer's Comments
This is the best principles of macroeconomics textbook I have reviewed, and I have reviewed many. The "start up" section at the beginning of the chapter not only gives the student an introduction as to what will be discussed later on, but gives them critical information about current events and how to integrate these concepts into U.S. and world history. The textbook is clear and covers a broad spectrum of important content without being wordy. I will highly recommend this textbook to colleagues, particularly considering the cost savings to students. I am amazed.


Textbook: "Principles of Microeconomics v1.0"

Authors: Libby Rittenberg and Timothy Tregarthen
Textbook URL: http://catalog.flatworldknowledge.com/catalog/editions/rittenberg-principles-of-microeconomics-1-0
Reviewer: Lisa Verissimo-Bates, Economics Instructor, Foothill College

*Average of all chapters.  Maximum rating is 5.0.
Reviewer's Comments
I recommend this textbook for first or second year community college students.  It is well organized and written, and targets the survey student. The authors make excellent use of narrative in combination with graphics.  The Try It examples, with accompanying solutions, are well done and easily accessible for students -- a real plus for student engagement while reading.  The "Case In Point" applications were timely and enjoyable to read.  I think students will find the textbook engaging to read.  I plan to adopt this textbook for my classes.