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Textbook: Nutrition: Proteins

Author: Mary E. Barasi
Textbook URL: http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=1605
Reviewer: Priya Venkatesan, Instructor, Nutrition, Pasadena City College
Review Date: January, 2012

nutrition-proteins chart *Average of all chapters. Maximum rating is 5.0 Reviewer's Comments
This textbook is recommended as a supplementary text for Community College health and nutrition classes, and is appropriate for Health Science majors. This book provides a thorough introduction to proteins. The material is organized into seven easy-to-read chapters. The chapter content is well supported by figures and many excellent critical thinking activities. Important terms are explained clearly, and the author does a good job of providing understandable explanations for challenging concepts. Students will benefit from having a basic knowledge of chemistry fundamentals before using this book. Some content may need to be adapted for use in the United States (it uses British English spellings for technical terms.)