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"Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to effective leadership. The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideas to transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others. If a leader can't get a message across clearly and motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn't even matter." --Gilbert Amelio, Former President and CEO of National Semiconductor Corp and Apple, Inc.

Textbook: Business Communication for Success

Author: Scott McLean
Textbook URL: http://www.flatworldknowledge.com/pub/business-communication-success/154694
Reviewer: Frances Lord, Adjunct English Instructor, Lake Tahoe Community College

lc1 *Average of all chapters. Maximum rating is 5.0 Reviewer's Comments
I recommend this textbook. Much of this text is appropriate for an upper level community college course focusing on communication, or all of it would be appropriate for an upper level community college course specifically on business communication. The layout of the text is fantastic! Each chapter opens with quotes that relate to the content. This is followed with introductory exercises and an introduction to the content.

Textbook: Key Skill Assessment: Communication (2007)

Author: OpenLearn
Textbook URL: http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=2960
Reviewer: Barbara Mauter - Adjunct Instructor, University College / University of Toledo

lc2 *Average of all chapters. Maximum rating is 5.0 Reviewer's Comments
I recommend this textbook. It stresses the importance of communication as it pertains to daily skills. It is an organized and informative step-by-step approach to understanding information and communicating it effectively. The end result is a portfolio that showcases a student's written, oral and visual forms of communication.

Textbook: Mobile ESL

Author: Dr. James O'Driscoll
Textbook URL: http://eslau.ca/
Reviewer: Douglas P. Margolis, Adjunct, Peninsula College
Review Date: January, 2012

mobile esl chart *Average of all chapters. Maximum rating is 5.0 Reviewer's Comments
This textbook is recommended for all levels: remedial, two and four year colleges. It is appropriate for higher level ESL students ready to focus on accuracy in their communications. This is not an ESL primary textbook. Rather, it is a grammar resource to provide learners with grammatical information and short, focused exercises. The content is presented concisely on one screen or page of text, plus one or two activities to practice the information provided. There are no tedious explanations. The text relies on clear examples to highlight the issues described. In addition there are a number of helpful appendices. The website would benefit from better menus and navigation tools to facilitate negotiating the content.

Textbook: SPANISH I (2009)

Author: Wikiversity (multiple wikiversity users)
Textbook URL: http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Spanish_1
Reviewer: Silvia T. Pulido - MPA, MULCE, employed as a Language Specialist at BCC

language-1 *Average of all chapters. Maximum rating is 5.0 Reviewer's Comments
I recommend this book as a required primary textbook for all majors at the freshman and sophomore levels, as well as trade and medical schools, and dually enrolled high school students. The concept of an e-book to teach Spanish I and other levels is very much needed by college students. This book meets that concept. I would warn those with no multimedia experience to use the 'helpdesk' abundantly until they find themselves comfortable with the e-learning processes.