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Music          "Music Note Bokeh"  by Daniel Paxton CC-BY-NC-SA
"Music Note Bokeh" by Daniel Paxton CC-BY-NC-SA


Textbook: "Internet for Music"

Author(s): Sarah Taylor, Electronic Resources Librarian at the University of Bolton
Textbook URL: http://www.vts.intute.ac.uk/tutorial/music
Reviewer: Lani Smith, librarian and educator at Ohlone community college and public libraries

Internet for Music Average of all chapters.  Maximum rating is 5.0.
  Reviewer's Comments
  I recommend this book for any college level or independent learner. Guides the beginning researcher find relevant information and develop Internet research skills with a focus on academic research and evaluating sources. Contains a wealth of recommended sites for a variety of types of music and for professional associations and conferences. Part of a training "suite" with 60 tutorials on a variety of subjects and includes several methods and opportunities for interactivity including quizzes and guided Internet searches that may be saved. Overall easy to navigate.